Who We Are

We believe that everyone is entitled to a hot nutritious meal, no matter who they are or the journey they’ve been on

Stop The Hunger offers an innovative way to support individuals, families and pensioners by providing a daily hot meal for those currently experiencing food poverty.

We like to think we “deliver hope” and “an introduction to a new life”, as with every meal there is supporting information, advice and guidance inside the packaging. This explains how people can improve their situation and get their lives back on track through local and national support networks.

Our self-heating meals can be ready to eat in less than eight minutes and these are predominantly for people living on the street. The whole process is extremely cost effective, as meals can be eaten directly from the pouch. There is no need to set up expensive infrastructure or a street kitchen that has an army of volunteers.

We have also created and produced nutritious food pouches for people in food poverty, who have access to a microwave.

With rising fuel costs, which will impact food costs, there will be many more people that who will find themselves in food poverty. It is expected that inflation will reach 8% by the end of 2022 in the UK and this means that many thousands of pensioners will be hit hard and may need our help too. So please donate at the bottom of the page and make a difference!

All we ask from any recipient is that they enjoy the meal, dispose of the packaging responsibly and when they are in a position to do so, make a donation to “Stop The Hunger” so we can continue to support those people that need our help the most.

“You are what you eat” is not that far from the truth.

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