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Who we are

We believe that everyone is entitled to a daily hot meal

Our Charitable Objects are as follows:-

“The prevention or relief of poverty throughout England and Wales by providing items and services to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty”.

Stop The Hunger (STHC) offers an innovative and dignified way to support individuals, families, and pensioners in food poverty, through the provision of access to Food Pantries. We work in conjunction with a wide network of food suppliers, including retail supermarkets. We buy food supplies directly from manufacturers and food providers to get the best products, for the best price.

This innovative approach provides freedom of choice, excellent value for money and is available on a weekly basis from our various locations.  There is no limit on the number of times a customer can use the pantry, in the way that visits to foodbanks are limited.  Food Pantry’s are open to all people living in the community and the service is not means tested.

Customers receive a food bag of staple food and this includes ingredients such as tinned vegetables (including potatoes) in return for a donation of £5.

The £5 donation from the customer is registered for Gift Aid (where applicable), and this enables us to claim a 25% uplift in tax relief.  This payment then goes back into our funding pot to purchase further food stock for the following week.

From March 2023 we are collaborating with major supermarkets to offer Grocery Gift Cards enabling the recipient to receive a £10 Grocery Card for a £5 donation to help those in need through the cost of living crisis.

With our food support comes information advice and guidance on a local and national level to help the recipient improve their life.

Stop The Hunger (STHC) is a registered Charity (1197397).

“You are what you eat” is not that far from the truth.

We take data protection seriously and comply with the GDPR (ICO Reg. ZB294272)

We hold personal information securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018