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Proactive Support for Employees

“Together we can make a difference”

We want to work with businesses, large and small, along with Unions to proactively support their employees and colleuges who are struggling with the cost of living crisis that is impacting us all.

It is time for us all to come together and create a more supportive environment for all Employees. Working together we can raise funding to deliver effective ways to offer subsidised food and meals to those struggling to make ends meet. We also signpost individuals and families to the local and national support that is available. Being proactive means we do not have to wait for someone to reach rock bottom before they receive support, a positive solution can always be found.

Being a proactive business shows how much you care about your Employees. Working with Stop The Hunger Charity we can fully integrate with your Corporate Social Responsibility and deliver more support for those in need.

If you work in a Union environment, we would like to hear from you as we have an opportunity to help your members past and present on a national level.

Together we can make a difference in 2023 that will mean that Employees will not have to struggle as hard to make ends meet and employers will have a happier and more productive workforce.

Please contact us below to explore how we can work together…