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Who we are ?

We believe that everyone is entitled to a daily hot meal

At Stop The Hunger Charity, we take a unique approach to our mission. We believe that simplicity is the key to efficiency, allowing us to provide effective support to those in need.

Our organization offers an innovative and dignified solution for individuals, families, and pensioners facing food poverty. By partnering with major food retailers, we give people the freedom to choose their groceries, ensuring excellent value for their money. Our services are available weekly at various locations.

We go beyond traditional food assistance, offering self-heating meals for the homeless and providing food pantries, pantry bags, to our new Grocery Gift Scheme that is offered without means-testing. We welcome everyone, with the only request being that those who can afford it make a donation when their financial situation improves, enabling us to assist more people.

Our Grocery Card Scheme is a groundbreaking initiative that doubles the value of your food spending and grants you the freedom of choice. This program is available in areas where successful fundraising campaigns or sponsors have made it possible.

For UK tax-payers, we are registered for Gift Aid, allowing us to claim an additional 25% in tax relief. Every Gift Aid contribution goes back into our funding pool for the following week.

It’s important to emphasize that we’re not merely a handout charity; we’re a hand-up organization. We offer support at both the local and national levels, providing information, advice, and guidance to connect those in need with essential aid and assistance.

“You are what you eat” is not that far from the truth

Our Story

About Us

Our Trustees were aware how people suffer from food poverty in this on going cost of living crisis, so they decided to create Stop The Hunger C.I.C. in December 2020. Stop The Hunger then became a fully registered Charity on 7thJanuary 2022 not only supporting those in food poverty but giving them a route to regain their independence.

We started with self-heating meals for the homeless, then grew to deliver Food Pantries and Food Pantry Bags, but soon realised that the administration and the time spent in providing this support was huge and at times not cost effective. Then we developed and now fully promote the Grocery Card Scheme (GCS), the scheme offers the recipient a Grocery Card that can be redeemed a local supermarket branded in their name so there is no stigma when paying for their groceries and gives them the freedom of choice to purchase the groceries they require (no alcohol, tobacco or gambling).

We use the GCS to develop a bond / relationship with the recipient or the course of our Community Impact Projects and then signpost them to any local and national support that is applicable for them. It really is a game changer, it accelerates the time it takes for them to receive support and gain back their independence. 

What Can You Do?

Whether you’re an individual making a personal contribution, a company choosing to embrace us as your charity of choice, or an organization extending its support, your involvement is the cornerstone of our work.

You have two main options for giving: you can make a one-time personal donation or set up a monthly direct debit. We are eligible for Gift Aid, which means if you’re a UK taxpayer, your contribution allows us to claim an additional 25 pence for every £1 donated.

Have something extraordinary to contribute to our raffle? We’re on the hunt for remarkable items to feature on our website, with the proceeds dedicated to Stop The Hunger Charity, benefiting the numerous individuals battling food poverty. Whether it’s a signed football, a film set prop, a state-of-the-art laptop, an iPhone, a car, or even a house, we can put it up for raffle. If you possess something of interest and are willing to donate it, we’ll use the funds raised to support those in need.

To celebrities, sports stars, and high-achievers, we ask: ‘What can you offer us?’ Together, we can bring about significant change, and we’ll proudly acknowledge your generosity through our social media channels.

For our partners and sponsors:

  • Partners: You have the opportunity to run a campaign for Stop The Hunger Charity on your social media platforms, and we are here to provide the necessary content.
  • Sponsors: By choosing Stop The Hunger as your preferred charity, you can enable us to continue our valuable work.

Remember that even a modest £1 donation can have a profound impact on those in need. Your support is essential to what we do.

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